Coffins & Urns

We offer a wide range of choices when it comes to coffin and caskets. 
All of our packages include a choice of coffin ranging from traditional veneered oak or mahogany to coloured, personalised or themed coffins. 
We can provide a coloured coffin in any shade of colour. 
We also offer engraving which can be letters, numbers, characters or badges.
We also supply wicker coffins, carboard coffins and American style caskets. 



Urns & Caskets

When it comes to deciding what to do with your loved ones ashes there are a wide range of options.

Scatter Tubes 
These are the best option if you are thinking about scattering your loved ones ashes in a place that was special to them. The ashes can be added to the scatter tube and can be kept at home until you feel it is the right time to scatter the ashes. Our scatter tubes are the most popular option and are available in many colours and styles. 

Ornamental Urns
Nowadays lots of families like their loved ones to remain with them at home. We offer lots of different style urns from photo frame urns, ornaments to match your décor at home and garden as well as traditional wooden caskets and candles. 

Biodegradable Urns
This option is for anyone who are having their loved ones ashes interred into a grave or cremated remains plot. 
Biodegradable urns are better for the environment and available in various different materials. 

Other Memorial Pieces 
We offer lots of other sentimental pieces to keep your loved ones remains from cuddle stones and jewellery as well as fingerprint keepsakes.