Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Do When Someone Dies?

If your loved one has passed away at home you will need to contact their GP to come out and verify the death. If your loved one has passed away in hospital we will liaise with the hospital to transfer your loved one over to our chapel of rest. If you find your loved one has passed away suddenly or from unnatural circumstances then ensure you contact the emergency services on 999.

You can call always call us if you are unsure what to do any time on 0116 2351457.

How Do I Get A Death Certificate?

You need to contact your local registry office within five days of the death occurring. During the current climate, the registrar will book a telephone appointment with yourselves to register the death. You will need the following information to register the death:

- The persons full name at the time of death

- Any previous names belonging to the person (eg maiden name)

- The persons date and place of birth

- The persons registered address

- The persons occupation

- The full name, date of birth and occupation of a surviving or late spouse or civil partner

- Whether the person was in receipt of any benefits or a state pension.


Once you have registered the death you will normally receive the death certificate through the post within 5 working days. Please remember to order more copies of the death certificate during your telephone appointment if you need them. The registrar will send the relevant paperwork needed for us directly over to ourselves


The number for the Leicester registrar is 0116 454 1000

Do Marwood Funerals Organise Everything?

Yes, we aim to take as much stress from you at your time of grief and organise everything you desire on your behalf, the only thing we are unable to do is register the death. 

Where Is My Loved One Taken After They Pass Away?

If your loved one has been taken away by the Paramedics/Ambulance Service they will be resting at the hospital until your chosen funeral directors have been given the relevant paperwork and appointment to collect your loved one.

If your loved one's GP verified the death and we had collected your loved one, we will transfer them into our care and will remain in our chapel of rest until the funeral service. 

When/Why Would The Coroner Be Involved?

There are various reasons for the coroner to be involved with your loved ones death. One reason may be if your loved one had not recently been seen by there GP (usually 2 weeks) prior to their death. The coroner will also be involved if the emergency services were contacted at the time of death. 

Do I Need To Book An Appointment To Come To Your Office?

Booking is not essential but its always best to ring and book an appointment to ensure our funeral arranger is available for you.

Can I View My Loved One?

Yes in most cases you can come to our chapel of rest to view your loved one. You can come to visit your loved one and spend as much time with them as you wish. There are very rare occasions when viewing is not advised but we would always inform you on this if it was to be the case. Visits to your loved one are available 7 days a week on appointment, with no time limits to your stay so you can spend as much time as you desire. 

Will My Loved One Need To Be Embalmed?

We will let you know if we feel your loved one needs to be embalmed but this is not essential.

Do You Have Funeral Packages?

Yes, we offer funeral packages and find them to be very popular and more cost effective than if a client was to choose individual services. We have carefully built our packages to cater for everything a funeral service will need so its less for you to have to think about, although the packages can be customised to your wishes. We also offer a direct cremation package. Please head offer to our prices section to see a full breakdown of packages. 

What Is A Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation is a cremation without a service. The family do not usually know the date or time of cremation then we would be in touch when your loved ones cremated remains are ready for collection. We still offer viewing and dressing service of your loved one within the direct cremation package.  

What Are Third Party Costs?

Third party costs (sometimes also called disbursements) are charges for the following:

- Cremation fee (prices may differ between locations)

- Burial/Interment fee (prices may differ between locations)

- Plot fee (prices may differ between locations)

- Minister/celebrant fee (prices may differ)

- Doctors fee (Standard Fee for cremation paperwork provided by doctor)

How Do I Apply For Financial Help With A Funeral?

You can apply for help from the department for work and pensions (DWP) for funeral costs if the client responsible for arranging the funeral is in receipt of certain benefits which you can check on their website. You will only receive help towards a basic funeral and they will not cover extras such as limousines and flowers. 

We are more than happy to offer as much advice and guidance if you speak to once of our arrangers.

What Is A Minister/Celebrant?

A minister or celebrant is the person who will lead the funeral service in the chapel on the day of the funeral. If you follow religious beliefs it may be more suitable for us to ask your local religious priest/minister/pastor etc. to take the service and include your desired religion. A minister/celebrant is not compulsory but to allow for the fluid structure of a service it is advised that we hire a professional. We will work with you to find the closest suiting funeral celebrant for your family and loved ones personality.  

Can Our Loved One Be Dressed In Their Own Clothes?

Yes in most circumstances your loved one can be dressed in their own clothes.

Can You Place A Funeral Notice On The Family's Behalf?

Yes we can arrange for a funeral notice to be placed in the local newspaper and we offer an online funeral notice in all packages. Our arranger will help you to put together the perfect tribute and we can even set up a direct donation link to your chosen charity.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

We can offer payment plans but this depends on individual circumstances but we will always require a deposit. 

What Music Can We Play At The Funeral Service?

We can arrange for any music you desire to be played at the service, the music does not have to be on a CD or memory stick as we may also be able to get music from the internet if required.

Can Family Members Read Poems/Tributes At The Funeral Service?

Yes of course, we will work with you and your chosen minister/celebrant to put together the perfect service and allow you enough freedom during the service.. 

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us